The fanatical Daughters of the Amazon believe that Mother Earth cleansed itself of the "aberration" of the Y chromosome. They engage in the arson of sperm-banks, vandalism of 'patriachial symbols' such as churches and monuments, theft of food and equipment (on the justification that women should be hunters not gatherers) and murder of male impersonators and transsexuals. Identified by having only one breast, which they remove in a rite of initiation, The Daughters spread out from coast to coast and have been a problem for a lot of people. The posse near Agent 711's cabin know of them and make a point that they are not welcome in their area. It should be noted that while the accusation is often leveled at them, the vast majority of Amazons do not appear to be lesbians. They are, like Hero, victims of Men who buy into the hate and anger spewed forth by the charismatic Victoria, and/or frightened and starving women looking for the security of a gang. After four years the Daughters of the Amazon begin to fade out, but the movement stays strong in New York. Former Amazons are shown working in various legitimate jobs, though they still maintain their misandrist views.